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Charlie Hebdo Marine Le Pen word cloud

Word Cloud of Marine Le Pen's speech on January 16, 2015, following the Charlie Hebdo and Hypercasher terrorist attacks. 

The lexical field is dominated by Islamism, fundamentalism and creates a network of guilt by association: "communautarisme", "immigration", "étrangère" are linked by lexical proximity to the pejorative "radical", "terroriste", "fundamentaliste", "djhiadiste".

Trigrams by author and genre

One of the methods we employed to study the differences between Marine Le Pen's and Jean-Marie Le Pen's rhetoric was n-grams. Briefly, n-grams are N co-occuring words in a corpus. If N = 2, we call them bi-grams; three words are tri-grams, and so on. More information about ngrams is available on this What are N-Grams? page from "Text Mining & Analytics 101." 

This picture shows the spatial lay out of Marine Le Pen's discursive universe. Using factorial analysis in Hyperbase, one can create a "map" of all the most used words and how they correlate to one another: the closer they are spatially, the stronger their correlation, or how often they appear together.