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Envoyé Special: Documentary Crew visits Stanford to track Marine Le Pen's Discourse

In October 2015, documentary film maker Elise Le Guevel and her crew flew in from Paris to visit Stanford. Their goal: to understand better how Marine Le Pen has reformed her discourse by interviewing the team behind Marine Le Pen prise aux mots and the vast corpus of texts and analysis they produced. 

"Marine Le Pen’s ‘copy and paste’ rhetoric" - Cécile Alduy in "Politico"

Long after his death, Jean-Marie Le Pen’s words will continue to echo in his daughter’s voice.

He won’t be ousted, but he will be silenced.

At least that’s what many members of the French National Front (FN) hope will happen to Jean-Marie Le Pen next week, when the executive board of the party he himself founded in 1972 is to decide on disciplinary action for his latest inflammatory remark — his declaration that the Holocaust was “a detail” of history.

Radio Interview: « La Suite dans les Idées », France Culture

An half-hour discussion between host Sylvain Bourmean and Cécile Alduy on what is at stakes in the new National Front rhetoric. They discuss the change in rhetorical devices from provocation to insuation and allusion, form hyperbole to euphemism and the long term effects of the battle of ideas the National Front has been waging since the 80s.


Sylvain Bourmeau's Editorial: "Le Pen : tel père telle fille - Le simple ravalement sémantique d'un parti d'extrême-droite"

Video: Lecture and Debate on Marine Le Pen's Winning Words

During a lecture and Q/A at Librarie Les Oiseaux Rares (Paris, 13e) on March 7, Cécile Alduy explains the methodology and findings of the research project that led to the book Marine Le Pen prise aux mots. 

Topics exposed include: What is the "Dédiabolisation"? How is Marine Le Pen "modern" and "feminist"? What is different between her father's style, words, and hers?


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